Albert Savage Holland Sound Session 7-25-16

See Holland Sound Session 7-25-16 – Click Here

A big thank you to Holland Sound Studio for the live podcast on 7-25-16.  Albert Savage has been playing some shows as of late, and the sound in this recording is excellent.  A big thanks to John, Alex, and Bret.  Our experience was great!!!  The band loved the studio, and we hope to return and have some more sessions.  Erik, a big thanks for setting this one up.

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Vintage 24 Tk 2 Inch Analog Studio

In a world of computers and plug ins. Holland Sound brings to you the warm sound of analog tape. Record the way music was meant to be recorded. Real Musicians Recording Musicians “Live”  Not with a computer, but all Analog.  There is no sound that can compare to tape!!

Put your fingers on the faders!

Work with the engineer in “Real Time” “Live as a Band” on 24 track 2 inch Tape. No Plug Ins! Just the real stuff! Vintage outboard gear and microphones.  


George Pegula – Engineer/Producer

Bret Alexander – Engineer/Producer   570-457-4131

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