Mike Frank Opening for Milkweed @ The Tavern at Great Meadows

So booking has commenced for the Winter & Fall of 2014/15 and we have some awesome things planned included a full band show and release of the new album “A Doorway Beyond” some time coming up.  For the here and now, musical friend Pete Lister is playing with a band traveling all the way from Binghamton called Milkweed.  They will be coming down to a new location set to have bands in Great Meadows NJ.  Come see these guys and Mike Frank perform at The Tavern at Great Meadows Saturday November 15th, and check them out at www.milkweedtheband.com.  The show will be Saturday November 15th starting around 7PM.  Enjoy some good food, and a free door admission.


Come back soon to check up on some other dates in the works!

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