Mike Frank’s interview on 91.9 WNTI for Shawnee Riverfest 3

Here is a little radio show from 5-30-14 on 91.9 WNTI in conjunction with the 3 annual Shawnee River Festival coming up.  It is in support of the East Stroudsburg Salvation Army on July 13th.  You can listen here to the interview here.  Songs included in this segment are “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” from Bob Dylan, “Sing it to You” & “Land of Free”.  Please find information on this event and how you can attend and contribute here:  http://www.shawneeriverfest.com/.  Thank You to everyone for the recent support, and thanks to Mel, Coffee Coups, and Gil from the River Festival for having such a cool segment and event for us to be a part of.  See you out there!

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